Here's Who We Are

Whorehouse of Representatives was formed in Febuary 1993 (disbanded in 1999!) We are a Political/socially aware, satanic, cop hatin, soy eating, monkey lovin, alcoholic and lazy, hardcore band from Seattle, WA, U$A. We have zero tolerence for sexism, racism, homophobia, ignorance, and stupidity.We have played benefits for; Food Not Bombs, Home Alive, Books To Prisoners, EarthFirst!, On Indian Land, Northwest Aids Foundation, Lubicon Cree Indian Nation, and Frinds Of The Lubicon. We are all involved with DIY projects such as Labels, distros, shows, artwork, homebrewing, and any thing we can do. We have done 3 US tours and a West Coast tour. W.O.R. is, always has been, and always will be, not for profit! We will play just about anywhere for gas, food or beer.


W.O.R. members:

Michelle-Throat Violence

Jim-Hellish Crossfire On 4 Steel Strings

Brendan-Skin Basher

Dave-V Axe Holocaust

Rick-Deadly 6 String dose

Dan Hammerschmidt- Guitar (1993-94)

Mike Doody- Drums (1994-95)


Others Guilty Parties Involed:

Ginelle Hustrulid- Roadie (US tour 1995)

Melanie Torvi- Roadie (1996-98)



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